Getting Here and Around in North Bimini


Getting Here and Around

If arriving by plane, catch a taxi in South Bimini at the South Bimini Airport for transportation to the ferry service between South Dock and North Dock. The entire process costs $5. Once there, walk or take one of the waiting taxis to your accommodations. Ferries cannot take you directly to your hotel or marina—to Bimini Bay Resort, for example—because government regulations protect the taxi union.

Most people get around North Bimini on gas-powered golf carts, and they are available for rent from various vendors and resorts for $70 to $100 per day, or $20 for the first hour, and $10 for each additional hour. Note that the speed limit is 25 mph, helmets are required, and that the roads follow the British system.

The Bimini Tram regularly runs the length of North Bimini to Bimini Bay for $3 per person per ride. It begins around 6:30 am and ends around 4 pm. It picks up at a number of stops along King's Highway.

Golf Cart Rental Contacts

Capt. Pat's (Alice Town, North Bimini. 242/347–3477.)

Uncle Tanny's Golf Cart Rentals (Alice Town, North Bimini. 242/347–2480.)

Tram Contacts

Bimini Tram (242/464–5704.)


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