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Air Travel

There are four airports on Andros. The San Andros airport (SAQ) is in North Andros; the Andros Town airport (ASD) is in Central Andros; the South Andros airport (TZN) is in Congo Town; and the Mangrove Cay airport (MAY) is on Mangrove Cay. Andros Town Airport sees the most traffic. It services flights from Nassau (LeAir) and Grand Bahama Island (SkyBahamas). Watermakers Air flies shared-charter planes twice daily from Fort Lauderdale Executive airport (EXE) to Andros Town. Western Air flies from Nassau to San Andros (North Andros) and South Andros. LeAir flies from Nassau to Mangrove Cay daily. To get between the Bahamas’ northwestern islands, Captain Paul W. J. Harding operates a seaplane that offers bespoke pickup and drop-off points between and within Bimini, Andros, and the Berry Islands.

Airport Contacts

Andros Town Airport (242/368–2724.)

Congo Town Airport (242/369–2270.)

Mangrove Cay Airport (242/369–0270.)

San Andros Airport (242/329–4401.)

Airline Contacts

Capt. Paul W.J. Harding. Paul Harding offers seemless seaplane transfers to and from Andros and Nassau. In Andros, he can drop you off directly on the beach at your preferred resort, even directly on the private island of Kamalame Cay. In addition, Harding can fly you between Andros, Bimini, and the Berry Islands. He's the only pilot who regularly offers these services between the Bahamas' northwestern islands. 242/357–9876.

LeAir (242/377–2356.

Watermakers Air (954/771–0330.

Western Air (242/329–4000.

Ferry Travel

Andros is divided by water into three parts: Central/North Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros. Only Central/North Andros can be reached by ferry. You’ll first need to travel to Nassau and board your boat at Potter’s Cay, the principal dock in the Bahamas capital city, located just before the bridge to Paradise Island. Commercial ferries from Bahamas Ferries run twice weekly from Potter’s Cay to Fresh Creek on Central/North Andros from January to early April and three times weekly from April to December. There are no regular ferries from Potter’s Cay to Mangrove Cay or South Andros; however, mail boats do travel there. Note that once on Andros, there is no service that connects Central/North Andros to its sister landmasses, Mangrove Cay and South Andros.

For those with more time (and patience) smaller points on North/Central Andros as well as Mangrove Cay and South Andros can be reached by old-fashioned mail boat from Nassau. Riders should always consult the dockmaster in Potter’s Cay in Nassau for the most up-to-date information on mail boat schedules. Note that mail boats may make several stops, and due to their infrequency you may be marooned on your chosen island for days, if not weeks, until the next mail boat arrives. From Potter's Cay Dock in Nassau, the M/V Lisa J. sails to Morgan's Bluff in North Andros every Wednesday, returning to Nassau the following Tuesday. The one-way trip takes five hours and costs $30. The M/V Lady D sails to Fresh Creek in Central Andros on Tuesday (with stops at Stafford Creek, Blanket Sound, and Behring Point) and returns to Nassau on Sunday. The trip takes five hours, and the fare is $30. The M/V Mal Jack sails to Kemp's Bay, Long Bay Cays, and the Bluff in South Andros on Monday at 11 pm. It returns to Nassau on Wednesday. The trip takes seven hours; the fare is $30. The M/V Lady Gloria departs from Nassau on Tuesday for Mangrove Cay and Cargill Creek (with two other stops) and returns on Sunday. The five-hour trip costs $30. Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions or occasional dry-docking.

Once on Andros, it’s not possible to reach Mangrove Cay or South Andros from Central/North Andros. However, it is possible to cross between Mangrove Cay and South Andros. A free government ferry makes the half-hour trip between Mangrove Cay and South Andros twice daily. It departs from Driggs Hill, South Andros at 8 am and 4 pm and from Lisbon Creek, Mangrove Cay at 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, but schedules are subject to change. Call the Commissioner's Office for information.


Bahamas Ferries (242/323–2166.

Commissioner's Office (242/369–0331.)

Dockmaster's Office (242/393–1064.)

Taxi Travel

Taxis meet airplanes and ferries and are available for transporting and touring around the islands. They can also be arranged ahead of time through hotels. Rates are around $1.50 a mile, though most fares are set. You should always agree on a fare before your ride begins. Cab drivers will charge $80 to $120 for a half-day tour of the island.


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