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Cool Concoctions

These drink recipes come from Aruban-born bartender Clive Van Der Linde.

The Wow. Mix equal parts (2 ounces or so) of rum and vodka as well as triple sec, a splash of tequila, grenadine, coconut cream, and pineapple and orange juice. Quips Van Der Linde, "You won't taste the alcohol, but after two, you'll feel pretty good."

The Iguana. Mix equal parts of rum and vodka, and add either blue Curacao or blue grenadine for color. Add creme de banane liqueur, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. Says Van Der Linde, "I learned this one more than 10 years ago on the first sailing boat I worked on. It was called the Balia, which means 'to dance.'"

The Captain's Special. Mix equal parts of rum and vodka, and add a splash of amaretto, creme de banane, and pineapple and orange juice. "It's really simple," says Van Der Linde, "just blend with crushed ice and it's ready to drink."

Updated: 10-2013

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