Getting Here & Around in Port Moresby


Getting Here & Around

Compared to the rest of the country, Port Moresby is a sophisticated metropolis. Its tourist attractions are spread out, however, and besides strolling along Ela Beach and through the markets, you will need some form of transport. Minibuses (Public Motor Vehicles, or PMVs) run to all parts of the city. They're cheap but often overloaded. There are plenty of taxis ("teksis"), but get your hotel to call one in order to guarantee safety. Driving yourself in a rental car is not recommended. In some areas, the locals may throw stones at your car—usually just for amusement, but they can cause damage—and carjackings are not unheard of.


With the right precautions you are unlikely to be affected by crime in Port Moresby, but it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and the safety issue cannot be overstated. Carjackings and muggings are relatively common occurrences. Even police officers are occasionally complicit in major crimes. But apply common sense rather than becoming paranoid, and you will stay safe. Never wear valuable jewelry in public or anything else that might broadcast your wealth. Avoid places where large groups are gathered, and always ask someone familiar with Port Moresby about where it's safe before venturing into any unknown area. Most hotels can help arrange security guards to escort you if needed.


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