Sea Kayak Fiordland. If you're an intrepid adventurer at heart, love camping and the great outdoors, and you're pretty active, then you'll find Sea Kayak's overnight trip an incredibly rewarding experience. It's not for the fainthearted; you can get wet and cold and the sandflies can be bad. But you'll be in a World Heritage area and you'll meet some wonderful like-minded people. If you're not keen on the overnight, go sea kayaking in Milford Sound for a day or half a day to gain the unique perspective on the fjord that being on the water gives you. Trips operate from September to May, with some differences according to location, so call ahead. 03/249–7700; 0800/200–434 NZ only. www.seakayakfiordland.co.nz. From NZ$130 for half-day; overnight trips from $NZ399.




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