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Egmont National Park

The volcanic mountain Taranaki, also known as Mt. Egmont, dominates the landscape, the weather, and the history of the region. New Zealand's second oldest national park, Egmont, was created in 1900 to protect the mountain, the forests of its lower slopes, and the great outdoor recreation opportunities these provide.

From a distance the landscape of this national park looks simple; a perfect, cone-shaped mountain draped white with snow in winter and flanked by a near-perfect circle of forest. Look closer, or try walking on the park trails, and a different picture emerges. Thousands of years of volcanic buildup and erosion have crafted steep gullies and rivers, immense lava bluffs, unstable slips, and forests of everything from moss-covered "goblin" trees to tall, ancient forest giants. It makes a fascinating place to explore, and thankfully there are many ways of doing this no matter what your level of fitness.

Best Time to Go

Summer is the best time for walking, hiking, and viewing alpine flowers (best in December and January). Snow-climb in winter.

Fun Fact

Although often described as dormant, few believe that Taranaki's volatile volcanic life has ended. Both scientists and Māori elders hold the view that, one day, the mountain will again erupt in volcanic upheaval.

Best Way to Explore


If you stay in the park, rather than driving in and out from your city accommodations, you'll give yourself a better chance of being at one with this magnificent natural place. Check out the sunset or sunrise. Watch the light change across the summit snows, and hear the birds waking in the forest. The Camphouse, at North Egmont, offers self-catering, backpacker-style accommodations in a grand vantage spot, just above the tree line. At East Egmont, you can absorb the forest freshness at Anderson's Alpine Lodge, or even cooler air at the Mountain House, 850 meters (2,625 feet) up the mountain.

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