Extreme Adventure in Rotorua Environs


Extreme Adventure

Kaitiaki Adventures. The folks in Rotorua keep coming up with ever more fearsome ways to part adventurers from their money (and their wits). The tertiary qualified guiding team will take you down a number of rivers on trips that begin at $95. Try white-water sledging with Kaitiaki Adventures. For around NZ$109–$299 you get a trip shooting rapids on a specially designed plastic water raft the size of a Boogie board and a soak in a natural hot pool. They supply a wet suit, helmet, fins, and gloves. 1135 Te Ngae Road, Rotorua. 64 800/338–736. www.kaitiaki.co.nz/.

Agrodome Adventures. Outside town and part of the Agrodome complex, there's Agrodome Adventures. Try bungy jumping from a 140-foot-high crane, or the Swoop where one, two, or three people are put into a hang-gliding harness and raised 120 feet off the ground before a rip cord is released. If you're looking for further thrills, try Freefall Extreme, where a 180-kph (108-mph) wind from a giant fan lifts you 10 feet into the air. Or then again there's the Shweeb, a five-car monorail racetrack using pedal power. The cost to get you screaming is NZ$108 for your choice of two. 141 Western Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua. 64 7/357–1050. 9–5 daily.


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