East Coast and the Volcanic Zone: Places to Explore


  • Gisborne

    The Māori name for the Gisborne district is Tairawhiti (tye-ra-fee-tee), "the coast upon which the sun shines across the water," and Gisborne is indeed the first city in New Zealand to see sunrise. Although... Read more

  • Gisborne–Opotiki Loop

    Soak in the beauty and remoteness of Eastland driving the Provincial Highway 35 loop between Gisborne and Opotiki, the northwest anchor of the East Cape. Rolling green hills drop into wide crescent beaches... Read more

  • Hawke's Bay

    Not for nothing is Hawke's Bay, bounded by the Kaweka and Ruahine ranges, known as the fruit basket of New Zealand. You can't travel far without seeing a vineyard or an orchard, and the region produces... Read more

  • Napier

    The earthquake that struck Napier at 10:46 am on February 3, 1931, was—at 7.8 on the Richter scale—the largest quake ever recorded in New Zealand. The coastline was wrenched upward several feet. Almost... Read more

  • Rotorua

    One thing that many New Zealanders and visitors share is a love-hate relationship with Rotorua (ro-to-roo-ah), but every year thousands of local and overseas visitors either brave or ignore the vibe to... Read more

  • Rotorua Environs

    The countryside near Rotorua includes magnificent untamed territory with lakes and rivers full of some of the largest rainbow and brown trout on Earth. Fishing is big business from here down through Taupo... Read more

  • Taupo

    The tidy town of Taupo is the base for exploring Lake Taupo, the country's largest lake. Its placid shores are backed by volcanic mountains, and in the vicinity is more of the geothermal activity that... Read more

  • Te Urewera National Park

  • Tongariro National Park