Getting Here and Around in Lyttelton


Getting Here and Around

Lyttelton can be reached by driving down Ferry Road from Christchurch, heading toward Sumner and then taking the road tunnel. Another scenic route is to follow the main street, Colombo, east out of the city, up the Port Hills, and over Dyers Pass to Governors Bay. Then turn left and head back along the harbor edge to Lyttelton. If you don't have a car, you can catch Bus 35 or 28 from Christchurch.

Lyttelton stretches along a terrace above the port. Norwich Quay runs along the waterfront, but the main street, London Street, runs parallel a block higher up the hill. London Street joins the road back over to Sumner, and in the other direction back past the tunnel entrance along Simeon Quay toward Governors Bay. The Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre is currently in temporary premises at 65 London Street, but hopes to return to its Oxford Street location during 2012.


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