Getting Here and Around in Hanmer Springs


Getting Here and Around

The Hanmer Connection runs a daily service between Hanmer Springs and Christchurch. Service goes through Waipara on the way. By car, take State Highway 1 north out of Christchurch. About 45 minutes north, State Highway 7 turns left off the main highway toward Nelson. From here drive through the small town of Culverden and the foothills for another 45 minutes on State Highway 7, before turning onto Highway 7A toward Hanmer Springs (this is well signposted).

Navigation around Hanmer Springs is easy, as it's a really small place. The main road into town, Amuri Drive, is a wide tree-lined road, with the thermal resort and visitor center opening off it. Conical Hill Road carries on up the hill and has most of the stores and caf├ęs along its lower portion. Jacks Pass Road to the left and Jollies Pass Road to the right lead to the great outdoors and many of the adventure activities.


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