Tuamotu Archipelago Feature


Top Reasons to Visit Tuamotu

Divers' dream: Rangiroa's Tiputa Pass and Fakarava's Garuae Pass are teeming with "big fauna" as they say in diving circles. Would the "shark cave" appeal to you?

Endless lagoons: You'll never be short of somewhere to swim in these lagoons that even boast lagoons within lagoons. Rangiroa's Blue Lagoon is an idyllic picnic spot with cute black-tipped sharks keen to eat the leftovers.

The slow lane: No one rushes here and you won't either. Cycle the long flat roads, swim at deserted beaches, and snooze under palm trees. Go ahead, you're on vacation.

Finding religion: You'll discover churches in very remote places—like the abandoned village of Otepipi on Rangiroa and Tetamanu in Fakarava.

Stylish castaway: Escape from the world in private villas and retreats—just a few convivial folk, an oil lamps, and miles of beautiful beaches.

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