Getting Here and Around in Nuku Hiva


Getting Here and Around

Air Tahiti flies direct to Nuku Hiva from Pape'ete every day of the week; the flight time averages around 2½ hours. There is no public transport, but cars and bikes can be rented and there are plenty of taxis. Horse riding is also a popular way of getting around but plan to do a fair bit of walking.

Car Rental

Nuku Islands Excursions Marquises (92-04-89.)

Nuku Rent-a-Car (92-08-87.)


Andre Teikiteetini (21-08-94.)

Jean-Claude Dupont (92-08-22.)

Elisabeth Kautai (92-08-87.)

Martine Haiti (92-01-19.)

Visitor Info

Nuku Hiva Tourism Committee (Taiohae, Nuku Hiva. 92 08 25. Mon.–Fri. 7:30–4.)


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