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The Other Islands Hotels

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Name Price Location
Chez Bianca & Benoit
Located on the mountainside at the base of Mt....
$$ Mangareva
Chez Jojo
Jocelyne Mamatui has two bungalows and one room...
$ Mangareva
Chez Lionel
Lionel Cantois's place is about a mile from...
$ Fatu Hiva
Chez Marie-Antoinette
Mrs. Marie-Antoinette runs this homey pension...
$ Hiva Oa
Chez Maurice & Delphine
This pension is located on the mountainside with...
$ Ua Huka
Chez Norma
Mrs. Norma Ropati's pension has six rooms...
$ Fatu Hiva
Chez Yolande
Sam and Yolande Tahuhuterani offer a real family...
$ Tubuai
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