Getting Here and Around in Hiva Oa


Getting Here and Around

There's a daily round-trip flight between Pape'ete and Atuona that takes approximately 3½ hours. There's also a daily flight from Atuona to Nuku Hiva (about 35 minutes) and there are four weekly flights to Ua Huka, taking around an hour each, so air traffic between the islands is reasonable. Between-island flights sometimes involve a short stopover at another island to pick up or put down passengers. It's all pretty relaxed. There are also boats between the islands but these are normally chartered by negotiation with local owners. The islands don't have public transport but there are always bicycles for hire and horses. Some type of taxi service and vehicle rentals either with or without a driver are always an option.


Car Rentals

Atuona Rent-a-Car (92–79–07 or 72–17–17.)


Visitor Info

Hiva Oa Tourism Committee (Tahu'Uku Wharf, Atuona, Atuona, Hiva Oa. 92–78–93.


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