Sports & Activities in Hiva Oa


Sports & Activities

Local operators offer guided tours to traditional archeological sites, either on foot, horseback, or 4WD vehicle. Helicopter rides over the island's lush and rugged interior are also fairly popular, giving visitors a bird's-eye view of stunning valleys and waterfalls. Mountain bikes can be rented, although the trails are rugged. The sea is dangerous around Hiva Oa, but the best beach for swimming is near the town of Taaoa—it has black sand. Nahoe and Hanamenu are pretty bays worth a quiet visit. Several outfitters offer deep-sea fishing trips from the harbor at Atuona.

Moena O Te Manu Excursions. If you're a hiker, Moena O Te Manu Excursions offers half- or full-day treks to see petroglyphs, waterfalls, valleys, and the Temetiu Peak, as well as 4WD excursions. 92–74–44.

Entreprise Deligny. Entreprise Deligny offers 4WD excursions throughout Hiva Oa. 92–71–59.

Hamau Ranch. You can see the island from atop a horse from Hamau Ranch. They offer horseback riding with a professional guide for half- or full-day excursions. 92–70–57.

Subatuona. Divers should head to Subatuona at the Temetiu Village pension. There Eric Le Lyonnais will put excursions together for you. Dives are from 7,000 CFP per person. 92–70–88. .

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