Tahiti Experiences


Tahiti Features

  • Top Reasons to Visit Tahiti

    Natural splendor: Everything's big on French Polynesia's biggest island—towering mountains, giant waterfalls, and deep valleys. Surf's up, and... Read more

  • A Walking Tour of Pape'ete

    As most travelers stay in a hotel in or within 10 mi of Pape'ete, they start their explorations in the city. A walking tour should start at Place... Read more

  • The Third Sex

    If you spend a few days out and about in French Polynesia, you're likely to come across women who aren't actually women. Known publicly as mahu or... Read more

  • Touring the Interior

    Even when the peaks are shrouded in clouds, you'll get the best glimpse of Tahiti's spectacular interior—soaring, jagged peaks; rivers; deep... Read more

  • Tahitian History

    Tahiti Nui was created by a series of volcanic eruptions about 3 million years ago, and its smaller neighbor was formed 2 million years later.... Read more

  • The Brando Island

    You could say that art imitated life when Hollywood actor Marlon Brando arrived in Tahiti in 1960 to star in the remake of the 1935 epic Mutiny... Read more

  • The Heiva

    French Polynesia's most exciting event, which runs from late June to late July, began in 1881, the year after France annexed Tahiti, to mark... Read more


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