Huahine Sights

It's easy to explore Huahine (75 square km [47 square mi]) by rental car, as there is really only one road, albeit with a few forks in it. When you cross the bridge into Huahine Iti you can go either left to Maroe or right to Parea. The road to Haapu leads off to a dead end.

When crossing from Huahine Iti to Nui the same rule applies. Take the left fork to the "busy" town of Fare and the right

fork to the "sacred eel" village of Faaie, via the Belvedere lookout.

Hiring your own boat allows you to circle the island and anchor at the motu; a couple of self-catering villas provide both a car and a boat. There are only one or two restaurants on Huahine Iti; you either eat at your pension, choose a pension with cooking facilities, or drive up to Fare for a wider, though still rather limited, choice.

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Huahine Sights

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  • Town/Village

If Fare is sleepy, then Faaie—on the east coast about 2 mi south of Maeva—is in a coma. It only wakes when a tour group or individuals...


  • Town/Village

This little town fits the stereotype of a sleepy South Seas port with market stalls lining the road, men fishing from the wharf at sunset,...

Fare Beach

  • Beach–Sight

Just a few hundred yards north of Fare quay is a popular beach for locals and the few tourists who discover it. When driving along the...

Huahine Pearl Farm

  • Farm/Ranch

If you've had your fill of pearl farms, this—the only one in Huahine—may change your mind. Both the farm and a separate pottery studio...


  • Town/Village

The historic and cultural heart of Huahine is on the southeast shore of Lake Fauna Nui. Here you can stroll through an open museum of...

Marae & Fare Pote Museum

  • Museum/Gallery

Maeva is rich in archeological sites; there are the remains of a handful on the shore of Lake Fauna Nui along with a replica of a 19th-century...

Vaitu Beach

  • Beach–Sight

This is truly a lovely beach and the inlet is dotted with a few boats at their moorings. It's a bit hard to find this beach, so ask directions...