Huahine Feature


Top Reasons to Visit Huahine

Authentic experience: This laid-back island is free from the commercialization that ravages neighbor Bora Bora and you'll easily adapt to the chilled environment in no time.

Surf's up: Both islands have great surf breaks: Ava Mo'a Pass just off Fare and Motu Aara'ara in Parea in Huahine Iti. Bring your own board, reef shoes, and a good vibe because locals don't like interlopers with "attitude."

Last resort: If you don't like big hotels, Huahine is definitely for you. There's just one with overwater bungalows, tucked away on its own island. Instead there are pensions, cottages, and safari-style tents on the beach.

Myths & legends: If you like a good story and a mysterious past, there's plenty of intrigue here to keep you guessing for days.

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