Diving & Snorkeling

Mahana Dive. You can choose from eight sites around both Huahine Nui and Iti including Avapeihi Pass (which connects the ocean with the lagoon and is teeming with marine life), and various drop-offs and coral gardens. Dives start from 5,900 CFP; dive packages can also be bought. Fare Quay, Fare, Huahine, Leeward Islands. 73–07–17. www.mahanadive.com.

Pacific Blue Adventures. Since its establishment in 1993, Pacific Blue has been working with all levels of divers. Newcomers dive in shallow water off the coast of Fitii, while experienced divers go out beyond the lagoon to Avapeihi Pass, which is famous for its sharks and rays. Fare Quay, Fare, Huahine, Leeward Islands. 71–96–55. www.divehuahine.com.


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