Boating & Sailing

Huahine Lagoon. Canoes and speedboats (no license is needed to rent) are available for two-, four-, and eight-hour periods. Speedboat costs start at 5,000 CFP for two hours; gas is extra. Canoes are 300 CFP for two hours. Fare Quay, Fare, Huahine, Leeward Islands. 68–70–00.

Sailing Huahine Voile. This company's 49-foot yacht the "Eden Martin" can be chartered for a whole day with a crew, or you can join a four- or seven-day cruise around the Society Islands with five passengers plus the skipper. Along the Fitii road, Fare, Huahine, Leeward Islands. 68–72–49.




Diving & Snorkeling


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