Great Itineraries in Savusavu


Great Itineraries

Friendly people, scattered attractions, and resorts keep life in and around Savusavu chugging along at a "Fiji Time" pace. Many visitors are content to pull up a chair on a restaurant deck, order the fish special, and admire the bay views. If you're in town on a Saturday, be sure to drop by the municipal market. If you're here on a Sunday, consider battling the yachties for a brunch-time table at Surf 'n' Turf.

If You Have 3 Days

This is not enough time to fully appreciate one of the better resorts, but it's plenty of time in which to see the area's top sights and get a sense of the local character. On Day 1 head out to Waisali Rainforest Reserve early for a serene walk through orchids and 100-year-old Yaka and Yasi softwoods. Have an alfresco lunch back in town at one of the waterfront restaurants. Head to the Pearl Farm by 1:30 for a tour; take a snorkel if you care for a dip with the jewels-to-be. On Day 2 go scuba diving or negotiate with a taxi for a tour up the Hibiscus Highway. In the afternoon take a public bus out to Nukubalavu Village, bringing along a sevusevu (gift) of kava from the local market in order to impress the chief. Bring a snorkel for possible use after being rewarded with a tour of the village. At night drop by the Savusavu Yacht Club for a nightcap. On Day 3 fish, play golf, dive, or just relax. Make a dinner reservation at Jean-Michel Cousteau if you can foot the bill.

If You Have 5 or 7 Days

Let the resort you choose guide your experience. Each of the better resorts offers excellent tours and activities incorporating the attractions above and showcasing the best of the Savusavu experience. Make an excursion into town at least once for a mid-afternoon beer at the Savusavu Yacht club or a perusal of the Saturday market.


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