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Bus is the most common form of transport in Fiji, and nearly every town or village (with a major road or road infrastructure) has bus service. Traveling this way is inexpensive and the larger islands have extensive services, plus it's a great way to enjoy a local experience; buses are usually noisy and full of laughter, windows down, with rolled-up canvas flaps in case of a rainstorm. In the major cities you can find air-conditioned, scheduled, nonstop bus service, but most buses are on Fiji Time. Ask the locals at the bus-stop or your hotel for a timetable and expect delays; you can often flag buses down at nonscheduled stops.

Pacific Transport and Sunbeam Transport are the two major carriers and advance reservations aren't required for either. Pacific Transport has six to eight express buses that run daily between Nadi and Suva for approximately $8. Sunbeam Transport Limited offers three or four express buses that also run daily between Lautoka and Suva for approximately $10.

Coral Sun Fiji has a variety of transport services offering airport transfers as well as service between Nadi and Suva. Transport is in modern, air-conditioned coaches for between $11 and $70, depending on the tour and the number of stops. You can purchase a variety of transport options from Feejee Experience, including bus passes and multiple-stop fares. United Touring Fiji has two modern, air-conditioned buses that run daily between Nadi and Suva for approximately $30.

Coral Sun Fiji (672–3311.

Feejee Experience (672–5950 in Nadi.

Pacific Transport Limited (670–0044 in Nadi; 330–4366 in Suva.)

Sunbeam Transport Limited (927–2121 in Nadi; 338–2122 in Suva.

United Touring Fiji (672–2811 in Nadi.)

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