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Depending on where you stay, Taveuni lends itself equally well to days filled with kayaks, scuba gear, and rain-forest trails and those taken with hammocks, tropical drinks, and sand. Regardless of where you stay in Taveuni, you're going to want to hit some part of Bouma National Heritage Park and if you have even the slightest interest in diving, this is one of the world's top places to indulge.

If You Have 3 Days

Early on your first morning, Trek to the Tavoro Waterfalls in Bouma National Heritage Park and take a dip in the falls. On the way back to your Matei or Waiyevo-area accommodation, have lunch at Coconut Grove Cottage if not staying somewhere with a restaurant. Snorkel and relax in the afternoon. If you plan to dive, arrange an outing for the following morning. On Day 2, scuba dive or hike Des Voeux Peak in the morning and visit storied Somosomo Village in the afternoon. On Day 3, return to Bouma for the Lavena Coastal Walk, or dive/snorkel once (or twice) more.

If You Have 5 Days

With this amount of time, you can take a dive course or do a package. If you're not diving, make a half-day or more snorkeling trip to Vuna Reef with a packed picnic lunch to enjoy on a quiet beach near the blow hole. Throw a horseback-riding, kayaking, or bicycling trip in among your trips to Bouma National Heritage Park and your village visit.

If You Have 7 Days

Let your choice of resort guide you. Be sure to make at least one trip to Bouma National Heritage Park and to go scuba diving or snorkeling on the magnificent reefs.

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