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Blow hole and Vuna Reef
At the very southern tip of the island, this dramatic natural...
Geological Sites Taveuni
Bouma National Heritage Park
Taveuni got the nickname "Garden Island of Fiji" for this multifaceted...
Parks Taveuni
Des Voeux Peak
Nearly 1,219 meters (4,000 feet) up, this peak offers Taveuni's...
Viewpoints Taveuni
Somosomo Village
The largest village on Taveuni, it's the seat of government and...
Towns Taveuni
Tavoro Waterfalls
The first of the Tavoro Waterfalls, or Bouma Falls, is a three-hour...
Bodies of Water Taveuni
Vidawa Rainforest Hike
Bird-watchers and those looking for a more strenuous experience...
Nature Preserves, Tours Taveuni
Wairiki Catholic Mission
The Catholic Church here was built in 1907 in honor of a French...
Religious Sites Taveuni
Waitabu Marine Park & Campground
At Waitabu Marine Park & Campground you can swim and snorkel...
Tours Taveuni
Waitavala Waterslide
Not far from Garden Island Resort is this local hangout where...
Bodies of Water Taveuni
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