Mamanuca and Yasawa Groups Experience


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These are undisputedly Fiji's finest beaches. Mana Island has a particularly beautiful stretch, with its island-tip location allowing it to divide the sand into more kid-friendly and quieter sections. Then, of course, there's the Yasawas' magnificent Blue Lagoon with intriguing coves worth exploring. Nearly every resort in the two groups can claim a stretch of sand worth envying.


A relative lack of weather compared to the rest of the country makes the coral visibility exceptional and it's often just a short swim from the beach. Navini, owing to its establishment of a marine reserve, and Matamanoa have particularly great sea life.

Budget Resorts

The Yasawas, and increasingly the Mamanucas, are famous for their cheap all-inclusives. The true beach bum can have a pristine setting, a place to lay his or her head and three hearty square ones for less than $100 per day.

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