Great Itineraries

Budget, desired resort ambience and reef proximity (if diving) should be the deciding factors in planning a Kadavu Group itinerary.

If You Have 3, 5, or 7 Days

Owing to its lack of infrastructure and relatively few resorts spread over a 58-km-long (36-mi-long) island, all activities in Kadavu are resort-based. Because it can be pricey and time-consuming to commute between resorts, it's best to pick one for stays of three or four days. If staying for longer, consider pairing a resort with a particular strength (such as diving or fishing) with one in another part of the island offering a dissimilar level of comfort and thus a different perspective on the Kadavu experience. Divers may want to spend some of their time based at a resort on the northern end, where they can best explore the Great Astrolabe, and some in the hands of another dive operation, discovering the island's fringing reef.

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