Given Australia's relaxed lifestyle, it's easy to be seduced into believing that crime is nonexistent. While Australia has its share of poverty, drugs, and crime, rates aren't high by world standards. Just be wary and you should have no problems. Wearing jewelry in public isn't a risk, and using ATMs in daylight hours is usually fine. Theft—especially pickpocketing—is a problem only in major tourist areas such as Sydney's Bondi or Queensland's Gold Coast. Try to avoid leaving valuables on the beach when you go for a swim or in your car when you park.

Traveling in Australia is generally safe for women, provided you take a few common-sense precautions. Avoid isolated areas such as empty beaches and quiet streets at night. Single women usually receive attention entering pubs or clubs alone, but a few firm, polite words are normally enough to put a stop to it, if it's unwanted.

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