Online Travel Tools


Online Travel Tools

All About Australia, the official site of Tourism Australia, has information on every aspect of life and travel in Australia. IT is a great pre-trip resource.

Breakloose. Breakloose is an adventure tourism portal—there's information on adrenaline hits Down Under and links to operators.

Aboriginal Culture

Indigenous Heritage. Indigenous Heritage is a government-run website with good information on aboriginal art and culture.

National Gallery of Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collection. The National Gallery of Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collection has one of the world's best collections of indigenous Australian art.

Papunya Tula Artists. Papunya Tula Artists is Australia's best-known Aboriginal artists' group.

Back to Nature

Birdlife Australia. Birdlife Australia provides everything you need to know about Aussie feathered friends.

Bushwalking NSW. Bushwalking NSW is full of excellent advice on bushwalking—hiking in national parks and wilderness areas.

Department of the Environment. This government page is packed with information on natural Australia, including links to all national park websites.

Eco Tourism Australia. This nonprofit body oversees and approves eco-tourism ventures in Australia.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. This is the official site for Australia's most famous natural wonder.

Culture and Entertainment

Australian Government's Culture, History and Sport Portal. The Australian Government's Culture, History and Sport portal is a one-stop information shop on all aspects of Australia culture, including links to organizations and events.

Australian Slang. This tongue-in-cheek glossary will help you understand Aussie English.

Collections Australia Network. Collections Australia Network is an official umbrella project with information on Australia's cultural heritage and links to museums, galleries, and libraries all over the country.

Currency Conversion allows you to print out a handy table with the current day's conversion rates. is a good currency conversion website.

Food and Wine

Australia Bushfood and Native Medicine Forum. Australia Bushfood and Native Medicine Forum is a searchable discussion forum about native Australian foods.

Wine Australia. Wine Australia is the industry's official site and has a good overview of Australian wines by type and by region.

Best Restaurants of Australia. Best Restaurants of Australia has searchable reviews for eateries all over Oz.

Newspapers and Media

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia's main publicly funded media broadcaster. is an excellent online portal for all Australian news.

Sydney Morning Herald. This quality daily broadsheet is favored by Australia's liberal intellectuals.

The Age. This Melbourne-based broadsheet is the city's favorite news source.

The Australian. The Australian is a national broadsheet owned by Rupert Murdoch; it sits ideologically right of center.

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