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Fish Tales

With nearly 4,800 km (3,000 mi) of coastline and hundreds of miles of rivers, South Australia has almost as many opportunities for fishing as it has varieties of fish. You can join local anglers of all ages dangling hand lines from a jetty, casting into the surf from coastal rocks, hopping aboard charter boats, or spending a day sitting on a riverside log.

The Murray River is the place to head for callop (also called yellow belly or golden perch) and elusive Murray cod. In the river's backwaters you can also net a feed of yabbies, a type of freshwater crayfish, which make a wonderful appetizer before you tuck into the one that didn't get away. In the ocean King George whiting reigns supreme, but there is also excellent eating with mulloway, bream, snapper, snook, salmon, and sweep. The yellowtail kingfish, a great fighter usually found in deep water, prefers the shallower waters of Coffin Bay, off the Eyre Peninsula.

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience. This charter company runs fishing charters to Coffin Bay and other top spots. Children are welcome. Baird Bay Rd., Baird Bay, SA, 5671. 08/8626–5017. A$140.

Another popular destination is the Yorke Peninsula.

S.A. Fishing Adventures. This charter takes anglers to great spots around the Yorke Peninsula. 7 Gannet Crescent, Marion Bay, SA, 5575. 08/8854–4098.

Last, but certainly not least, is legendary Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures. You can spend from a few hours to a few days fishing the waters around Kangaroo Island with Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures. Western River Rd., Kangaroo Island, SA, 5223. 08/8559–3232.

Updated: 07-2013

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