Mackay–Capricorn Islands Feature


Camping on Lady Musgrave Island

Camping here can be isolated: take first-aid supplies, food, water, and all gear—including, if possible, an emergency marine radio (mobile phone coverage is limited on the cays). Hurricanes (cyclones) may necessitate emergency evacuation in the wet season. In an emergency, tune in to VMR477 Round Hill or VMR488 Bundaberg, 7 am–6 pm on channel 81 marine VHF; or Queensland Police Service, Bundaberg, monitors channel 81 marine VHF day and night. Be aware of local hazards, including large centipedes and bird ticks; and follow DERM guidelines to minimize your impact on island vegetation, nesting seabirds, turtle hatchlings, and the fragile reef. The island is generally closed from after the Australia Day weekend (around January 27) until Easter (March or early April), to minimize impact on emerging turtle hatchlings, breeding seabirds, and sensitive vegetation.

Updated: 07-2013

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