Sports and the Outdoors in Brampton Island


Sports and the Outdoors

Most folk are so busy getting on or under the water that they don't explore their island environs. But many Barrier Reef isles include significant tracts of national parkland, with trails often leading to or past spectacular views. Overcast days are perfect for trekking along island trails. Careful walkers may spot possums, goannas (iguanas), blue-tongued lizards, various birds, the odd wallaby, and nesting green and loggerhead turtles on beaches, in season. Carry a map, snacks, and plenty of water; wear sturdy walking shoes, a hat, and sunscreen (even if it’s overcast). Be prepared for sudden changes in weather, and if you plan to camp or hike, bring a marine band radio transceiver in case of emergency—cell phone reception’s limited or nonexistent on most of the islands. And don’t forget your camera.

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