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Thorsborne Trail

The Thorsborne Trail runs the length of Hinchinbrook Island's east coast. The walk takes three to four days each way and includes some steep climbs—it's not for the ill-prepared or faint-hearted. You’ll need to bring a fuel stove, a first-aid kit, drinking water, and plenty of supplies, and it’s strongly advised that you do some survival and fitness training in advance. Ferries depart from Lucinda, south of Cardwell on the mainland, to the island's southern end, then you follow the marked trail for 32 km (20 miles), winding up on the island’s northeastern corner near the resort (currently closed). If you want to start the trek at the northerly end, or don’t want to do the round-trip, you’ll need to arrange a ferry transfer in advance via the Reef & Rainforest Information Centre in Cardwell. Only 40 walkers at a time are permitted to camp along the Thorsborne Trail (in groups of six, maximum) so you should book as far in advance as possible, especially for peak hiking season, May through October. At least eight weeks in advance, contact the Cardwell Rainforest & Reef Visitor Information Centre (07/4066–8601) to organize ferry transfers and a viewing of the safety briefing video; and ParksQ (13–7468 or www.nprsr.qld.gov.au) for camping permits (A$5.60 per person, per night).

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