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Fraser Island Sights

Highlights of a drive along the east coast, which is known as Seventy-Five Mile Beach for its sheer distance, include Eli Creek, a great freshwater swimming hole. North of this popular spot lies the rusting hulk of the Maheno, half buried in the sand, a roost for seagulls and a prime hunting ground for anglers when the tailor are running. Once a luxury passenger steamship that operated between Australia and New Zealand (and served as a hospital ship during World War I), it was wrecked during a cyclone in 1935 as it was being towed to Japan to be sold for scrap metal. North of the wreck are the Pinnacles —dramatic, deep-red cliff formations. About 20 km (12 miles) south of Eli Creek, and surrounded by massive sand-blow (or dune), is Lake Wabby, the deepest of the island's lakes.

Note that swimming in the ocean off the island is not recommended because of the rough conditions and sharks that hunt close to shore. Stick to the inland lakes.

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