Fishing in Fraser Island



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Offshore, Fraser Island. All freshwater fish are protected on Fraser Island, so you can't fish in lakes or streams, but just offshore is one of Australia's richest, most diverse fishing areas, with whiting, flathead, trevally, red emperor, snapper, sea perch, coronation trout, cod, and, in summer, mackerel, cobia, amberjack, and more. This is partly due to the diversity of habitat; choose between estuary, surf beach, reef, sport, and game fishing. On reef-fishing trips dolphins are commonly sighted, as are whales in season.

When angling off Fraser Island beaches and jetties, follow NPRSR guidelines. To discourage dingoes and other undesireable visitors, clean fish away from campsites and dispose of scraps carefully (bury fish scraps at least 30 cm, about a foot, below the tide line). Bag and size limits apply to some species: for details, go to Fraser Island, QLD.

Hervey Bay Fishing Charters. Contact Hervey Bay Fishing Charters to set up a fishing trip off Fraser Island. 51 Tristania Cr., Urangan, QLD, 4655. 07/4125–3958.