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Top Reasons to Go to Vietnam

Indochina is Alive and Well. Bite into crisp baguettes while lazing under scalloped yellow café awnings and sipping coffee that's been elevated to a high, but not highbrow, art.

Tailored Perfection. Have a designer outfit custom-tailored in one of the country’s fashion-focused cities like Hoi An, the garment capital of Vietnam.

Sea Food, Eat Food. Vietnam's coastal cities and towns offer just-caught crustaceans at cut-rate prices.

The War Is Over. Despite the country's tumultuous history during the Cold War, those who were once considered unfriendly forces are now warmly welcomed.

History's No Mystery. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage sites across Vietnam—from 15th-century trading ports to 4th-century temples.

Market Yourself. Wander through labyrinths of vendors selling fish, flowers, produce, and trinkets throughout the country.

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