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Sights & Attractions Tibet

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Ani Tsangkung Nunnery
This small, colorful convent has a livelier...
Religious Sites Lhasa
Circling the walls of the Jokhang Temple, the...
Squares Lhasa
Drepung Monastery
The largest of the Gelugpa monasteries was the...
Religious Sites Lhasa
Ganden Monastery
If you have time for only one side trip from...
Religious Sites Lhasa
Gyantse Dzong
In the 14th and 15th centuries Gyantse rose to...
Historic Districts / Sites Gyantse
Jokhang Temple
This temple is the most sacred building in Tibet....
Religious Sites Lhasa
Kundeling Monastery
This monastery is often overlooked by...
Religious Sites Lhasa
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