Essentials in Lhasa



Air Contact

Gongga Airport (Airport Rd., Gongga County, 850050. 0891/624–6114 or 0891/624–6009.)


Bank of China (28 Linkuo Xi Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/682–8547 or 0891/683–5311. 20 Beijing Dong Lu, 850001. 089/632–6263.)

Medical Assistance

TAR People's Hospital (18 Linkuo Bei Lu, northeast of Potala Palace, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/632–2200.)

Train Contact

China Tibet Tourism Bureau (3 Luobulingka Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/683–4315. Daily 8:30–6:30.)

Visitor and Tour Info

Access Tibet Tour (Tibet Hotel, Beijing Zhong Lu, Lhasa, 850001. 028/8618–3638.

Tibet FIT Travel (Snowlands Hotel, 4 Zangyiyuan Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/634–9239.

Snow Lion Tours (1 Danjielin Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 13439329243I'm not sure how to style this phone number.

Tibet Travel (

Tibetan Connections (18697259259I'm not sure how to style this phone number.


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