Tibet Places




Air Contact

Gongga Airport (Airport Rd., Gongga County, 850050. 0891/624–6114 or 0891/624–6009.)


Bank of China (28 Linkuo Xi Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/682–8547 or 0891/683–5311. 20 Beijing Dong Lu, 850001. 089/632–6263.)

Medical Assistance

TAR People's Hospital (18 Linkuo Bei Lu, northeast of Potala Palace, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/632–2200.)

Train Contact

China Tibet Tourism Bureau (3 Luobulingka Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/683–4315. www.xzta.gov.cn/yww. Daily 8:30–6:30.)

Visitor and Tour Info

Access Tibet Tour (Tibet Hotel, Beijing Zhong Lu, Lhasa, 850001. 028/8618–3638. www.accesstibettour.com.)

Tibet FIT Travel (Snowlands Hotel, 4 Zangyiyuan Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 0891/634–9239. www.tibetfit.com.)

Snow Lion Tours (1 Danjielin Lu, Lhasa, 850000. 13439329243I'm not sure how to style this phone number. snowliontours.com.)

Tibet Travel (www.tibettravel.info.)

Tibetan Connections (18697259259I'm not sure how to style this phone number. www.tibetanconnections.com.)