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  • Top Things to Do in Thailand

    Sukhothai is recognized as the first independent kingdom in what would eventually become Thailand. Its 13th-century ascendancy is referred to as the... Read more

  • If You Like

    Prior to its current incarnation as a unified modern state, Thailand consisted of a series of smaller kingdoms. While some of these kingdoms were... Read more

  • Thailand Today

    ... is politically divided. For several years, three major political parties were at violent odds with one another: the TRT, the PPP, and the PAD. In... Read more

  • Transportation, Thai Style

    With reasonably priced internal flights and reliable train and bus service, getting around Thailand can be efficient and straightforward. Taxis are... Read more

  • Thai Massage

    Thai massage, once only available at temples or tiny shophouses, has become much more popular in recent years. You'll find masseurs and masseuses at... Read more

  • Where to Stay Beachside

    Thailand's beaches are so inviting you might be tempted to sleep under the stars. And you can do that if you like, but there are tons of other... Read more

  • Ecotourism in Thailand

    Though the tourism boom has been great for Thailand's economy, it has had many negative effects on Thai culture and natural resources. These... Read more

  • Buddhism in Thailand

    Almost 95% of Thailand's population is Buddhist (4% is Muslim, and the remaining 1% is Taoist, Confucianist, Hindu, Christian, and Sikh).... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to Thailand

    Beaches: Pristine strands and hidden coves bring vacation daydreams alive. Food: Rich curries, sour-spicy tom yum soup, and tasty pad Thai are... Read more

  • Thailand with Kids

    Thais dote on kids, so chances are you'll get extra help and attention when traveling with them, and the experience should be relatively... Read more

  • Beach Life

    Thailand's beach culture is world class. The famous Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan heave with all-night raves; you may be happier lazing under... Read more

  • Chatuchak Market

    There are almost 10,000 stalls at Chatuchak Market, which operates in northern Bangkok each weekend. One of the world's biggest markets, it's great... Read more

  • Diving

    For unforgettable underwater theater, head to one of Thailand's top dive sites, where facilities range from beginner courses of a few hours to... Read more

  • Diving and Snorkeling

    Some of Thailand's most spectacular scenery lies beneath its crystalline waters. The marine parks of the Similan Islands have made Thailand's diving... Read more

  • Muay Thai

    With fighters allowed to inflict damage with anything but the head, muay thai (Thai boxing) is reputed to be the most brutal of all martial arts.... Read more

  • Phuket Vegetarian Festival

    In the ninth lunar month, usually October, religious devotees known as Ma Song walk on hot coals and drive a variety of metal objects through their... Read more

  • Songkran Festival

    Each April, during Thai New Year celebrations (Songkran), the country becomes a three-day street party of water fights. Participants go armed with... Read more

  • Street Food

    Rich and poor mingle over bowls of soups and curries at Thailand's street stalls. Many vendors are famous for a particular dish, whether pad thai;... Read more

  • Local Do's and Taboos

    King Bhumibol Adulyadej has ruled Thailand for more than 60 years, and is revered by his people. Any insult against him is an insult against the... Read more


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