Bangkok Features


Bangkok Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Bangkok

    The Canals: They don't call it "Venice of the East" for nothing. Sure, boat tours are touristy, but the sights, from Khmer wats to bizarre riverside... Read more

  • Bangkok Dinner Cruises

    Though they're definitely touristy, lunch or dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya River are worth considering. They're a great way to see the city... Read more

  • Cooking Classes in Bangkok

    Culinary tourism is all the rage, and Bangkok is keeping up with the times. A Thai cooking class can be a great way to spend a half day—or longer... Read more

  • Bangkok Puppets

    For hundreds of years Thailand's puppeteers have entertained both royal courts and village crowds with shadow puppets and marionettes. Historically... Read more

  • Martial Arts in Bangkok

    Thais are every bit as passionate about their national sport as Americans are about baseball. Though it's often dismissed as a blood sport, muay... Read more

  • Bangkok Bargains

    Even if you've honed your bargaining skills in other countries, you might still come up empty-handed in Thailand. The aggressive techniques that... Read more

  • Bangkok Canals

    Bangkok used to be known as "Venice of the East," but many of the klongs (canals) that once distinguished this area have been paved over. Traveling... Read more