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There are many nations around the world with bragging rights to miles of pristine white coral sand and balmy turquoise seas but few can take it to the same level as the Maldives. Its 1,200 islands are spread out over 26 coral atolls; the combined land of all the islands is little more than 100 square miles. That means you are rarely more than a few steps from the beach. Many of the villas are actually built on stilts out over the water, so you may actually have to walk onshore in order to get to the beach. Besides curling your toes in the sand, many people come here to sample the Maldives enviable world-class dive spots. Others simply snorkel among the endless coral reefs. There are so many coral atolls here that our English word derives from the Maldivian name atholhu.


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  • Coral Reefs

    To form an extensive reef, corals need waters of at least 73°F, but they can't thrive in waters above 82°F. Growth is slow—between two... Read more

  • Shopping

    Many of the traditional Maldivian souvenirs have ceased to be produced in these environmentally conscious days. Tortoise shell and coral... Read more


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