When to Go

Peak Season: Mid-December to Mid-February; June to Mid-September

Christmas, Western New Year, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan see Malaysians on the move, with flights and hotels booking up at rapid-fire speed and prices going sky-high. The weather is lovely during winter peak season, but avoid traveling during Chinese New Year.

Off Season: November to March (East Coast); April to May and October to November (West Coast)

Though the temperature changes little year-round—it's always hot and humid—the coasts suffer during the rainy season. Visitors will find many island resorts shuttered and the water too choppy and unsafe for swimming or water sports.

Shoulder Season: Early December; April to May (Kuala Lumpur); March to November (East Coast); March to April (Langkawi)

Shoulder season varies across the country depending on rain, winds, and school holidays. The months listed here offer visitors pleasant temperatures, dry weather, and fewer crowds.

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