Tour Operators

Travel agents in Chiang Mai can set you up with any number of tour packages.

Diethelm Travel. Diethelm Travel is one of the oldest and most-respected travel agencies offering package trips to Laos, and a good source for travel information and tours in Laos. Kian Gwan II Bldg., 140/1 Wireless Rd., Bangkok, 10330. 02/660–7000. Setthathirat Rd. at Nam Phu Fountain Sq., Vientiane. 021/215129 or 021/215920.

Green Discovery Laos. Green Discovery Laos is the top eco- and adventure-tour operator in Laos, offering a staggering array of adventure, eco, and cultural tours throughout the country with well-trained guides and is the best source for local information. 54 Setthathirat Rd., Nam Phou, Vientiane. 021/223022.

Lao Youth Travel. Lao Youth Travel does tours around Laos and can answer questions. 024 Fa Ngum Quay, Ban Mixay, Vientiane. 021/240939.

National Tourism Authority of the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The National Tourism Authority of the Lao People's Democratic Republic has offices in Vientiane and all other provinces in Laos; they provide some printed materials, and try their best to be helpful, but you are probably better off going to private travel agencies for more detailed information. BP 3556, Ave. Lane Xang, Vientiane. 021/212248 or 021/212251.

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