Getting Here and Around in Tsuwano


Getting Here and Around

Tsuwano can be reached by train: it's 2 hours, 23 minutes northeast of Hagi by JR (¥1,620); 1 hour, 8 minutes northeast of Yamaguchi by JR Yamaguchi Line (¥950); or 1 hour northeast of Shin-Yamaguchi by JR Super Oki Express (¥2,970). Though JR trains from Yamaguchi are quick and easy, JR train routes from Hagi to Tsuwano involve a change and long (80 minute or more) stopovers in Masuda. You can also take a bus from Hagi's Bocho Bus Center directly to Tsuwano, which takes around two hours (¥2,080).

In Tsuwano all sights are within easy walking distance. You can also rent a bicycle from one of the four shops near the station plaza (two hours ¥500; all day ¥800).

Bus Contact

Bocho Bus Center (0856/72–0272.)


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