Getting Here and Around in Okayama


Getting Here and Around

The JR Shinkansen will whisk you away from Tokyo to Okayama in 3 hours, 28 minutes (¥17,060), or from Matsue you can reach the city in 2 hours, 41 minutes by JR Yakumo Express (¥6,070).

Hop on one of the frequent streetcars plying Momotaro-dori, the main boulevard heading east from the Shinkansen Station (¥100) to get around town. To get to the castle, park, and museums ride three stops east and walk southeast. For ¥520 you can buy a combined park-castle admission ticket.

The Shinkansen Station makes Okayama an attractive base for visiting the historic charms of Kurashiki—only a 20-minute local JR train hop to the west (11 minutes by express train).

Should you need a map of Okayama or city information, head to the Tourist Information Office in the underground shopping center to the right of the JR Station’s East Exit.


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