Getting Here and Around in Hiroshima


Getting Here and Around

The streetcar (tram) is an easy form of transport in Hiroshima. Enter the middle door and take a ticket from the automatic dispenser. Pay the driver at the front door when you leave. All fares within city limits are ¥150. A one-day pass is ¥600, available for purchase at the platform outside JR Hiroshima Station. There are seven streetcar lines; four depart from the JR Station. Stops are announced by a recording, and each stop has a sign in romaji (romanized Japanese) posted on the platform. To reach Peace Memorial Park, take Streetcar 2 or 6 to the Gembaku-Domu-mae stop and cross over Motoyasu-gawa on the Aioi-bashi; you can also take Streetcar 1 to Chuden-mae for a five-minute walk to Peace Memorial Museum.

Buses also joust with the traffic on Hiroshima's hectic streets; the basic fare is ¥200. Information in English can be gathered at any of the Hiroshima Tourist Information Offices. The Hiroshima Bus Company's red-and-white Bus 24 to Heiwa Koen leaves you only a two-minute walk to the Peace Memorial Museum.

Taxis can be hailed throughout the city. Look for cabs that have the light illuminated, indicating they are ready to pick up passengers. The fare for the first 1½ km (1 mile) is ¥570 for small taxis, ¥620 for larger ones, then ¥70 for every 300 meters. Special sightseeing taxis are available in front of the Shinkansen entrance of the train station. A three-hour tour runs approximately ¥12,960.

Two excellent, English-speaking Tourist Information Offices are in JR Hiroshima Station, both on the first floor at the southern and northern exits. The main tourist office, the Rest House in Peace Memorial Park, sits between the Children's Peace Monument and the Flame of Peace.


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