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ATMs and Money

The ATMs at most 7-Eleven and Lawson convenience stores have English menus and accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. Additionally, most Citibank, Shinsei Bank (in some subway stations), and Japan Post ATMs allow international bank card transactions. Tokyo is a safe city, so you may carry cash without fear of street crime.

Budget Tips

If you plan on visiting a lot of the city's sites, purchasing a GRUTT Pass ( is the way to go. The pass, which is only ¥2,000, gives visitors free or discounted admission to 77 sites throughout the city including museums, zoos, aquariums, and parks. Passes can be purchased at participating sites, as well as the Tokyo Tourist Information Center. Keep in mind that passes expire two months after date of purchase.

Tokyo Addresses

The simplest way to decipher a Tokyo address is to break it into parts. For example, in 6-chome 8–19, Chuo-ku. the "chome" indicates a precise area (a block, for example), the numbers following chome indicate the building within the area, and "ku" refers to the ward (a district) of a city.

Even Japanese people cannot quickly find a building based on the address alone. If you get in a taxi with a written address, do not assume the driver will be able to locate your destination even with the onboard navigation system. Usually, people provide very detailed instructions or maps to explain their exact locations. It's always good to know the location of your destination in relation to a major building or department store; most hotels can provide this information before you head out.

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