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A subshrine of the Futara-san Shrine at Tosho-gu,...
Religious Sites Nikko
A subtemple of Rinno Temple, at Tosho-gu, the...
Religious Sites Nikko
Dragon's Head Falls
If you've budgeted an extra day for Nikko, you...
Bodies of Water Nikko
Edo Wonderland
Edo Wonderland, a living-history theme park a...
Museum Village Nikko
Futara-san Jinja
Nikko's holy ground is far older than the...
Religious Sites Nikko
Hon-den of Tosho-gu
The Hon-den (Main Hall) of Tosho-gu is the...
Religious Sites Nikko
Jakko Falls
Falling water is one of the special charms of the...
Bodies of Water Nikko
Tenkai (1536–1643), the first abbot of Rinno...
Religious Sites Nikko
Kegon Falls
More than anything else, the country's most...
Bodies of Water Nikko
Lake Chuzenji Ferry
Explore Lake Chuzenji on chartered 60-minute boat...
Tours Nikko
Monument to Masasuna Matsudaira
Opposite the Sacred Bridge, at the east...
Memorials / Monuments Nikko
This temple belongs to the Tendai sect of...
Religious Sites Nikko
Rinzo of Tosho-gu
The Sutra Library (Rinzo) of the Toshu-gu...
Religious Sites Nikko
Sacred Bridge
Built in 1636 for shoguns and imperial messengers...
Bridges / Tunnels Nikko
Shinkuyu of Tosho-gu
A flight of stone steps brings you to the front...
Religious Sites Nikko
Taiyu-in Mausoleum
This grandiose building is the resting place of...
Religious Sites Nikko
With its riot of colors and carvings, inlaid...
Religious Sites Nikko
Tosho-gu Pagoda
The west gate of Rinno Temple brings you to...
Religious Sites Nikko
Treasury House
An unhurried visit to the precincts of Tosho-gu...
Museums / Galleries Nikko
In the old days, the road became too rough for...
Viewpoints Nikko
Urami Falls
A poetic description says it all and still holds...
Bodies of Water Nikko
Near the Toshu-gu belfry you'll see a tall bronze...
Religious Sites Nikko
The centerpiece of Tosho-gu is the Yomei-mon...
Religious Sites Nikko


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