Getting Here and Around in Sendai


Getting Here and Around

Sendai Airport is well connected, with numerous daily flights to and from every major airport in Japan, and destinations in Asia and the Pacific as well.

But the easiest way to get to Sendai from Tokyo is the Shinkansen. From Tokyo, the Hayate Shinkansen rockets to Sendai in only one hour, 40 minutes, for ¥10,590.

If you have time, the JR Express bus from Tokyo to Sendai is inexpensive (¥4,500–¥5,500) and takes approximately six hours; departures leaving Tokyo from JR Shinjuku Station at midnight arrive in Sendai at 5:40 am. There are also two cheaper daytime departures from JR Shinjuku Station at 8 am and 2:10 pm (¥3,000).

The Willer Express bus also runs from Tokyo to Sendai and takes approximately five hours in the daytime, six hours in the evening (¥4,500–¥5,500). Five departures leave Tokyo at either JR Tokyo, Shinjuku, or Ikebukuro Station between 7:40 am and 11:35 pm. The big advantage of the Willer Express buses is their larger choice of comfortable seats. On most routes you can choose from Business class to Economy class.

Returning to Tokyo from Sendai, all night buses depart from JR Sendai Station between 11 pm and midnight and arrive in Tokyo between 5 am and 8 am. Reservations are required.

Once you get to the city, take Sendai Loople, a limited-access bus that stops at Zuihoden (15 minutes from the station) and Osaki Hachiman-gu (43 minutes) and other major sights. A full-day pass costs ¥600 which gives you discounts at some sights including Zuiho-den; single rides cost ¥250. Buses depart from the West Exit of JR Sendai Station (Platform 15-3) every 15–20 minutes from 9 to 4. The Sendai subway runs roughly north–south only, and its stations are far from the most interesting sights. It's really only of use to resident commuters.


JR Express Bus (022/256–6646.

Willer Express (050/5805–0383.


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