Dewa Sanzan Jinja Saikan Shrine Lodge

Haguromachi Toge, 7 Aza-Temukai, Haguro-cho, Tsuruoka, Yamagata-ken, 997-0292, Japan

Really feel like roughing it? This lodge connected to Dewa-Sanzan Jinja by a long stairway allows you to enjoy the shrine and scenery at the summit after most tourists have gone home. Early birds should join priests at the main shrine for morning prayers—a great way to start the day. The cedar-lined approach is more than majestic, but inside, this shukubo, or monk's lodging, is spartan. The large tatami-mat rooms can be separated by fusuma (sliding paper doors) to create smaller guest rooms. Two vegetarian meals of local goodies are served daily. (If you are not vegetarian, ask for fish.) The signature dish, tasty sesame tofu, is thicker, richer, and creamier than regular tofu. Ask the lodge to have your bags carried up to your room if you plan to climb Mt. Haguro. Or you can check in first, as the lodge is down from the summit.


  • healthful food
  • tranquil garden
  • easy mountain access


  • uphill walk from bus stop
  • all the luxuries of a monk
  • no privacy at night


Phones: 0235-62–2357


Rate Includes: 200 futons Some meals