Visitor Information in Osaka


Visitor Information

The main visitor information center is at JR Osaka Station. To get there from the Mido-suji Exit, turn right and walk about 50 yards. The office is beneath a pedestrian overpass, next to the city bus station. The Shin-Osaka center is at the JR local line exit at Shin-Osaka Station. For the Namba center, take Exit 24 at Namba Station in front of Starbucks; for the Tenno-ji center, take the East Exit of JR Tenno-ji Station. The Universal City center is a two-minute walk from JR Universal City Station. They are all open daily 8 to 8 (except Universal City which opens at 9) and closed December 31 to January 3.


Namba Station Tourist Information Center (B1 Mido-suji Grand Bldg., 2–2–3 Namba, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka, 542-0076. 06/6211–3551.)

Osaka Station Tourist Information Center (3–1–2 Umeda, JR Osaka Station, 530-001. 06/6345–2819.)

Shin-Osaka Tourist Information Center (JR Shin-Osaka Station, 5–16–1 Nishinakajima, Yodo-gawa-ku, Ōsaka, 533-0032. 06/6305–3311.)

Tenno-ji Station Tourist Information Center (1F JR Tenno-ji Station Bldg., 10–45 Hidenin-cho, Tennō-ji-ku, Ōsaka, 543-0055. 06/6774–3077.)

Universal City Tourist Information Center (6–2–61 Shimaya, Universal City Walk, Konohana-ku, Ōsaka, 554-0024. 06/4804–3824.)


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